Gig: The Shivas at Night People (MCR)

A little throwback to a gig filled with all the psychedelic energy you could ever wish for on a Tuesday night. These guys carried the spirit of punk all the way over from Portland, Oregon, and for a couple of hours, they managed to make a room full of people forget the existence of the outside world. Despite being engrossed by their latest album release, ‘Dark Thoughts’, it’s clear that this is a band that shines brightest when performing live; they draw in their audience with a stage presence that can only be mastered after years of touring experience, as well as their witty interaction with the crowd. One of their most famous releases, ‘Gloria’, had people hypnotised with it’s spacey vocals paired with it’s mesmeric guitar riffs.

The Shivas at Night People and Twisted Wheel

On chatting to the band, I was struck by the humility and humble approach to their own music; always a positive trait of any touring musician. On a small, but very significant side note, The Shivas are incredibly generous with their tour van tequila stash – I think we all know that means it’s always going to be a ’10/10, would recommend to a friend’ from me.

(Review by Halyna)

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