New Single: Plato – The Edge

If you’ve not heard of Plato before, then let me tell you, you’re in for a treat. With their new single, ‘The Edge’ out today, it’s clear this band are moving from strength to strength and succeeding in creating a sound all of their own.

Plato singleThere’s a distinct Radiohead-esque feel to the style of this track, with long drawn out harmonies and perfectly placed, well Continue reading “New Single: Plato – The Edge”

The Libertines at Leeds O2 Academy

Oh, The Libertines. One of my all time favourite bands for so many reasons. The name alone is enough to bring years of memories flooding back – the good, the bad, and the occasionally ugly.

For anyone who grew up loving rock and indie music in the 00s, the album covers to both Up the Bracket and The Libertines will be perpetually seared into our memories.

The Libertines album, 2004

Instantly recognisable; the youthful, care free faces of Pete Doherty and Carl Barat defining an era of leather jacket clad recklessness.

I’ve been lucky enough to see The Libertines a few times over the years, in both large, as well as tiny, intimate settings. Living in Camden for 6 hazy years, meant it was almost impossible not to bump into them, either together or separately, at some point along the way. Being local also meant that finding out early about secret Libertines gigs in pubs such as The Dublin Castle and Blues Kitchen (luckily for us, opposite our flat) was a common occurrence. I have three words for you- so…much…sweat.

With all this having been said, the perfectly composed, suited and booted band that greeted us with effortless swagger Continue reading “The Libertines at Leeds O2 Academy”

Naked Six + Other Stories

A quiet Tuesday night with zero expectations looming over it; dinner and a catch up with a friend, maybe a few more drinks to follow. When you live in Manchester, it’s this kind of night that has all the potential to become something much more than it set out to be.

(I promise you now, this has everything to do with Naked Six. Bear with me. )

Everything was starting to sound ‘same old same old’ to me and I couldn’t put my finger on why – anyone who knows me well, will tell you that the only things that get me up in the morning are music, finding the next exciting gig to head to, and the thought of the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special getting a little closer every day. It seemed odd that for a little while, I felt like I’d fallen out of love with some of my favourite bands and songs, or at least had no desire to listen to anything, either old or new. My drum kit had also been left to gather dust; the Vic Firth logo on the sticks in the exact same position I’d left them about a week earlier, and the little kink in the rug next to my kick pedal, after a heavy fight with a Queens of the Stone Age classic, still kinked. I was due to be at another gig that Tuesday evening – a bit of heavy, rocky, local goodness that would usually have been my ideal night, but just not today. I was starting to worry I’d fallen out of love with the thing that usually keeps me going.

(No really – this is about Naked Six. Stay with me.)

Dinner with one of my best friends was a fun one, wine flowed too easily and we made friends with the family unfortunate enough to be sitting next to us at Mackie Mayor. We thought we’d move on, and on passing the Rose and Monkey Continue reading “Naked Six + Other Stories”

New/Old/Undersold (#05)

I absolutely love the mix we’ve got going on in the NOU playlist this week! You might have already seen me talking on Insta about how much I love Heart On Your Sleeve by Hushtones – it’s been on repeat in my house all week, and I couldn’t help but squeeze it in between some pure, uncensored rock and roll from The Shivas and The Snuts, where it fits perfectly to start off a cracking midweek playlist with lots of local Manc goodness with a sprinkle of Liverpool sass!

Don’t Believe in Guilty Pleasures #05

Can you believe it? The week has flown by, and it’s that time again. This playlist starts with possibly one of the greatest intros ever written, and calls for full volume from track one… Let’s call it a warm up for the big Neighbourhood Festival happening this weekend in Manchester (which I’m incredibly excited for!)

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New/Old/Undersold #04

I’m not sure whether it’s because I’ve been drumming to a lot of old school Franz Ferdinand this week, but this Tuesday’s playlist is very disco beat heavy + I LOVE IT. I can’t stop dancing around the room to The C33s, Sugarstone and Red Rum Club tracks, so thought I’d share some of the joy!

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Gigs This Week

Mon 7th Oct

Richard Hawley (Albert Hall)

Two Door Cinema Club (Victoria Warehouse)

The Rasmus (O2 Ritz)

The Slackers (Retro Bar)

Pip Blom (Gorilla)

Tue 8th Oct

Focus (Band on the Wall)

Barns Courtney (Manchester Academy)(I’ll be catching this one at The Wardrobe, Leeds, on Wednesday instead!)

Jon Bellion (Manchester Academy)

Chance MCoy (The Castle Hotel)

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