Interview: The Music Industry vs COVID – Barnaby Fairley (Photographer, MCR)

‘I’m alright – I’ve got a skateboard, guitars and some chickens, me. I’m a Yorkshire survivor.’

– Barnaby Fairley, photographer (and Yorkshire survival expert)

Let’s cut back to January 2020. If you’d have said that this would be a topic of conversation in an interview, about the sudden near death of the music industry, as a result of a pandemic that’s killing thousands around the world, I’d have probably said, ‘I think you’ve had enough love, time for you to go home.’

Yet, suddenly, we’ve found ourselves in unusual and unprecedented times; diets are formed of pasta based everything, respiratory illnesses are giving people imaginary bowel issues that require mass stockpiling of toilet paper, and the world has come to a near stand still. Most importantly, jobs have been lost, lives have ended, and times ahead are as unclear as they ever have been.

In the second of our ‘Behind the Sceners’ interview series (read the first with sound engineer, Chris Sherwin, here), I spoke to Barnaby Fairley – a Manchester based photographer and videographer – in order to discover his take on the current crisis within the music industry, and what it means for him. There was, unfortunately, a hell of a lot that I couldn’t keep in the interview, for everyone’s sake – but know, I haven’t laughed that much in a while! Continue reading “Interview: The Music Industry vs COVID – Barnaby Fairley (Photographer, MCR)”

Interview: The Music Industry vs COVID – Chris Sherwin (Sound Engineer for Night & Day, MCR)

There is no denying that the music industry is going to be hit hard by the pandemic that’s currently sweeping across the world. I won’t mention the ‘C word’, as I think we’ve all probably heard it at least 100 times today already, and will hear it several times more before the night is over. There has been so much coverage regarding the impact on live music venues, as well as bands and artists – but what about the so called, ‘behind the sceners’? The photographers, the sound techs, the managers, the promoters – what effects will it have on the freelancers of the industry, who rely on gigs going ahead to keep their heads above water?

Over the past few days, I’ve spoken (via FaceTime!) to some of those affected, who work in several of these fields. In my first chat today, I was joined by Chris Sherwin – sound engineer for Night and Day (Manchester) and also guitarist of Bards, to discuss the tough times ahead, and what he expects to see happen over the next few months. Continue reading “Interview: The Music Industry vs COVID – Chris Sherwin (Sound Engineer for Night & Day, MCR)”

Gig: Gen and the Degenerates at Bad Apples (Leeds)

Oh. My. Days. The only three words, which come to mind after seeing Gen and the Degenerates bring the house down on the other side of the Pennines. This band is a force to be reckoned with and don’t they want you to know it. Tonight, myself and Olenka (our brand new Yorkshire -based writer!), went to check them out at Bad Apples in Leeds.

Bad Apples is a venue I’ve never been to previously; a little rock bar tucked away in Leeds centre, complete with a shrine to Lemmy and a built in, lit up coffin in the floorboards – need I go on? Continue reading “Gig: Gen and the Degenerates at Bad Apples (Leeds)”

Gig: The Shivas at Night People (MCR)

A little throwback to a gig filled with all the psychedelic energy you could ever wish for on a Tuesday night. These guys carried the spirit of punk all the way over from Portland, Oregon, and for a couple of hours, they managed to make a room full of people forget the existence of the outside world. Despite being engrossed by their latest album release, ‘Dark Thoughts’, it’s clear that this is a band that shines brightest when performing live; they draw in their audience with a stage presence that can only be mastered after years of touring experience, as well as their witty interaction with the crowd. One of their most famous releases, ‘Gloria’, had people hypnotised with it’s spacey vocals paired with it’s mesmeric guitar riffs. Continue reading “Gig: The Shivas at Night People (MCR)”

Playlist: New/Old/Undersold (#05)

I absolutely love the mix we’ve got going on in the NOU playlist this week! You might have already seen me talking on Insta about how much I love Heart On Your Sleeve by Hushtones – it’s been on repeat in my house all week, and I couldn’t help but squeeze it in between some pure, uncensored rock and roll from The Shivas and The Snuts, where it fits perfectly to start off a cracking midweek playlist with lots of local Manc goodness with a sprinkle of Liverpool sass!

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