Interview: Hushtones at Night and Day (MCR)

Anyone who follows Blue Light Beat on Instagram will know, that I’ve banged on about Hushtones since the first day I came across their music; I can never thank my ‘Spotify recommends for you’ enough, for throwing their dreamy harmonies in my direction. If anyone asks me who they should be listening to at the moment, this is always a band at the top of my list, and so far, I’ve not found anyone who disagrees after hearing their music. With a wistful, 60s/70s feel, bursting with all the goose bump inducing harmonies, Hushtones somehow manage to make me feel nostalgic about times that I’m not even sure I’ve lived through – I don’t know how they do it, so let’s call it magic and leave it at that.

Today, I was lucky enough to catch them before their show at Night and Day in the Northern Quarter, to talk about Liverpool life, equality in the music industry and the B word (Beatles, what else?). Without doubt, these guys make up one of the loveliest, most down to earth, bands I’ve ever spoken to.

I should also put out a disclaimer and say, that for full effect, you probably need to read all replies in a Scouse accent.  Continue reading “Interview: Hushtones at Night and Day (MCR)”

Gig: Gen and the Degenerates at Bad Apples (Leeds)

Oh. My. Days. The only three words, which come to mind after seeing Gen and the Degenerates bring the house down on the other side of the Pennines. This band is a force to be reckoned with and don’t they want you to know it. Tonight, myself and Olenka (our brand new Yorkshire -based writer!), went to check them out at Bad Apples in Leeds.

Bad Apples is a venue I’ve never been to previously; a little rock bar tucked away in Leeds centre, complete with a shrine to Lemmy and a built in, lit up coffin in the floorboards – need I go on? Continue reading “Gig: Gen and the Degenerates at Bad Apples (Leeds)”

Gig: The Shivas at Night People (MCR)

A little throwback to a gig filled with all the psychedelic energy you could ever wish for on a Tuesday night. These guys carried the spirit of punk all the way over from Portland, Oregon, and for a couple of hours, they managed to make a room full of people forget the existence of the outside world. Despite being engrossed by their latest album release, ‘Dark Thoughts’, it’s clear that this is a band that shines brightest when performing live; they draw in their audience with a stage presence that can only be mastered after years of touring experience, as well as their witty interaction with the crowd. One of their most famous releases, ‘Gloria’, had people hypnotised with it’s spacey vocals paired with it’s mesmeric guitar riffs. Continue reading “Gig: The Shivas at Night People (MCR)”

Playlist: Don’t Believe in Guilty Pleasures (#02)

Happy Tuesday you lovely lot! It’s not quite Friday, but we’re getting there. In the mean time, let’s have a little midweek singalong to keep us going. We’ve got Iggy Pop, a bit of noughties Yorkshire goodness, and some live Foos – why are you still reading?

Get listening!

To check out the rest of the Don’t Believe in Guilty Pleasures playlists, click here

Gig: Welcome to The Slow Readers Club (02 Apollo Manchester)

If I were to ask you to think of a city known for it’s music scene, I have a sneaking suspicion that Manchester would be fairly high up on your list of answers (said the unbiased Mancunian girl).

With this in mind, let me talk to you about The Slow Readers Club. This band has, with much determination and a loyal following of fans, steadily snowballed into a giant of the Mancunian music world. They’ve been releasing and performing music for nearly ten years, have toured the UK several times over and even filled tents at festivals such as Kendal Calling and Victorious Festival – but here’s the twist. Continue reading “Gig: Welcome to The Slow Readers Club (02 Apollo Manchester)”

Gig: St. Paul and the Broken Bones at Albert Hall

When it comes to musical choices, it can be incredibly easy to become stuck in a rut. There have certainly been many occasions, when, if you were to look at my playlists over several days, you’d think we were still in the 90s. Oh hey Eddie Vedder, fancy seeing you here?!

Sometimes, it can be your current life circumstances that affect the music you find yourself reaching out for. You know how it goes: naff week at work = Nirvana on repeat. Should we add in some Foos? Oh go on then. How about some lively, early 2000s pop rock to cheer us up? Continue reading “Gig: St. Paul and the Broken Bones at Albert Hall”

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