Definition: Undersell (verb)

To be modest. To not give something or someone, especially yourself, the praise that is deserved

There are countless magazines and blogs out there dedicated to brand new music, and this is why I wanted to start a playlist section with a little bit of a difference. In the New/Old/Undersold playlists you’ll find bands and artists from every decade; maybe they have been around since before you were born, maybe they released their first tune yesterday. The only thing they have in common, is that they all deserve to be heard by audiences as big as Kanye’s ego.

This is a place for incredible, must-hear artists and bands that might have/have had a huge following in their own genres, but may not be widely known, or even local bands who are just starting out on the gig circuit.

If you know of a band or song that needs to be heard by everyone, get in touch!

Playlist #01

Playlist #02

Playlist #03

Playlist #04

Playlist #05

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